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20 years of IP for advance materials.

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20 Years of Experience


The group of companies for new product development

using our patents and 20 years of IP for advance materials.

Our Companies

XtremedX LLC

XtremedX LLC is our Medical device company with lab and design center in Greenville SC. Currently more than 7 products under development.

SmartSense LLC

SmartSense is our sensor and floor company in Dalton GA.


TAPinsole is a heat & pressure insole for medical and sports
in Greenville SC

Axia Fibers

Axia Fibers is a carbon fiber made to blend with cotton, wool and aramid fibers are made in Angleton TX.

Sensor BED

SensorBed is one of our companies using the patented sensors for the development of Fall detection


Our pet wound care kits are for dogs, cats and equine. Made in South Carolina.



Our sport company makes golf, baseball and football sensors. Our new sensor bat will be available with a training mat. Made in South Carolina.

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